the beginning of my quest to eat everything on this planet. part 2.

summer veggies

seared scallops on nori (dried seaweed)

seared uni (sea urchin) on crispy rice on nori (dried seaweed)

seared foie gras on grilled daikon (radish) with summer vegetables

wagyu kobe beef, blended daikon (radish) and grilled bean sprouts

one of the best meals of my life. this was the first time that i've ever had seared foie gras. at first i was a bit skeptical as to whether or not it would lose some of it's nature as a delicacy, but my world has been forever changed and now am a firm believer that almost everything tastes better grilled. the wagyu at the end was overkill. i thought of the starving children in africa...that didn't last too long because it was so damn good. if you think mastro's is good, this place shits on mastro's beef and then humiliates it. melts in your mouth and i know that people often overuse this descriptor, but the beef really did melt in my mouth. wow.

akasaka yoko hotel

bus to ghibli museum

hayao miyazaki is an animation genius, kinda reminds me of a young me, except more genius.

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