da jiu jitsu.

i know that no one cares about brazilian jiu jitsu, but i also know that no one probably reads this anyways so...
my jiu jitsu game has finally come to a new level after plateauing for a good 6 months or so. my transitions are tight, my positional control combined with my new fatass
weight has become a new threat to be reckoned with, my butterfly guard sweeps and my armbars whether they be from the guard, inverted, from the gogoplata position, from side control transition to far side armbar, etc...are my new weapons of choice. things that i need to work on: chokes, wrist locks, ankle locks, and turtle guard.

anyways...a few weeks back before my japan trip i went to the 200
9 south bay brazilian jiu jitsu open. i came, i saw and i conquered. nothing feels better than getting your arm raised knowing that you just kicked the other guy's ass and also knowing that he knows it too. highlights: going without a corner man because my professor had family in town, eating a flame broiler teriyaki bowl an hour before my fights and still winning, instilling fear into my divsion that hopefully lasts well into next year and...my first flying submission in competition (flying triangle transition to armbar)! number 15 on my 100 things you should do before reaching black belt list...check! got my third stripe on my blue belt and the purple belt should come within a year from now or less. dare i say future black belt mundials champion...

official results finally posted

with my san diego daddy, he's so proud of me :tear:, haha


i don't know if the universe is paying me back for 23 years of crap or if i'm just old enough to realize how much i appreciate life and it's little nuances, but everything seems to be falling into place nicely :]. work is bueno, brazilian jiu jitsu is double bueno and life in general is bueno deluxe. i've decided that i'm going to screw saving up for a year or two and to just spend my dinero traveling, eating the world's delicious food and seeing the beauty of the world while i'm still relatively young, before i have to buy a house, car, etc... thanks God, much appreciated. updates galore when i have time.




do you take the money or do you take the happiness? what to do...?

brain hurting, i guess i'll think about it later.

up next: friday: northrop grumman golf tournament. imagine the tiger woods and the anthony kim of the company playing on the same team. game over. we got this. and family dinner for my dad's big announcement. long lost freak brother? long lost freak sister? saturday: south bay jiu jitsu tournament. super heavyweight? oh man, david versus goliath. except this time david is frickin huge too. and then some jbbq (japanese bbq) with the kids!!! sunday: tokyo!!!



the best things in life happen when you just go with the flow of things.

spontaneous 4th of july big bear fishing trip:

couple of beers and some quiet time. old man and the sea :[

GIANT catfish :]good day

sorry, no pictures of food this week, just stayed in and bbq'd. massive ribeye's, baked potatoes, sauteed spinach, grilled corn, baked beans, gentleman's jack daniels whiskey, beer, scrambled eggs, thick cut applewood smoked bacon, grilled baguettes, waffles, italian sausage, spaghetti, chips, etc… enough food to feed a large mexican family for a week, eaten in two days. everything was cooked in butter because we forgot to bring oil. mmmm. i guess it's salads this entire week :[.

next up: spontaneous japan trip, on two weeks notice.