the best things in life happen when you just go with the flow of things.

spontaneous 4th of july big bear fishing trip:

couple of beers and some quiet time. old man and the sea :[

GIANT catfish :]good day

sorry, no pictures of food this week, just stayed in and bbq'd. massive ribeye's, baked potatoes, sauteed spinach, grilled corn, baked beans, gentleman's jack daniels whiskey, beer, scrambled eggs, thick cut applewood smoked bacon, grilled baguettes, waffles, italian sausage, spaghetti, chips, etc… enough food to feed a large mexican family for a week, eaten in two days. everything was cooked in butter because we forgot to bring oil. mmmm. i guess it's salads this entire week :[.

next up: spontaneous japan trip, on two weeks notice.

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