on my mind...

over thinking is overrated. too many things to worry about in the future (i.e. buying a house, finding the perfect career, finding time for yourself, etc...), which is why i've decided to drop all of my worries for the next couple of weeks and let things just turn out the way that they're supposed to. i guess listen to what God has to say for once. but it definitely feels good now that i've already mentally checked out until the most random/spontaneous japan trip ever!!!! only 7 more working days and i'm outta this b.

and to end off on an even happier note, here are a few pictures of some delicious food:

antipasti (left to right): bresaola nostrana (house-cured beef, wild arugula, shaved parmigiano, lemon, tuscan olive oil), ventresca, borlotti e cipolle (olive oil-poached tuna belly, cranberry beans, pickled red onions), and polipo e patate (charred mediterranean octopus, yukon gold potatoes, celery hearts, sicilian capers).

primi: tortelli di pere e pecorino al burro e salvia (pear and pecorino tortelli, brown butter, sage). freakin delicious. all it needs now is some shaved white truffles and a few gold flakes. mmmm.

pizze: prosciutto di parma e rucola (margherita with parma ham and wild arugula). mmmm.

pizze: pancetta, ricotta e cipollotto (fresh ricotta, house-cured pork belly, scallions, fennel pollen). so good. house-cured pork belly is like homemade bacon, ricotta is like God's cheese, and fennel pollen, who knows what that tastes like, but it's Frickin good, capital F.

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