where has the time gone? this past year has seriously been a blur, so much has changed for me since college and it feels like if things continue like this, that life is just gonna pass like gas. i think that i finally realize my age and the impending doom of what is yet to come for me in life, but i also reflect on how much i have already accomplished and all the things i've experienced, the highs and the lows. it's very comforting knowing that my life is just beginning and the fun starts now. keeping a blog is lame, i feel like doogie howser m.d. right now minus the blue screen, being a boy genius and the fact that nph is gay, but i think that keeping account of things will help me cherish life's moments instead of letting them insipidly pass by. i guess this is the precursor to my quarter-life crisis, either that or i'm really frickin bored during the week. either way, hope this makes for some good bathroom reading at least.

where to begin? well it's been about 10 months since i moved out of THE bubble into a different bubble, rancho bernardo, a suburb of san diego and i'm already looking to move back and vanpool to work as soon as my lease ends. as soon as i got the call that i had a job waiting for me, i was happier than ginger kids on crack. i was moved out and ready to go in less than a week. living alone was cool for the first month or so because you can do whatever you want, sleep naked, watch tv naked, drink naked, but when you start cooking naked it starts to get a little weird. anyways, for those of you that know me best, you know that aside from God, family, friends and crap there are only two things in life that i truly love: brazilian jiu jitsu and food, pretty much all i do nowadays.

pretty much my daily routine:
go to work super early because apparently old people never sleep
getting in some studying
a little bit of this after work
a little bit of that (spicy tuna-don with canned tuna. limited ingredients because i'm too lazy to go to the market. not bad though.)
bad habits, must stop soon

and a lot of this on the weekends! mmmm! grilled artichokes and prime rib.

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