no summer break? who cares, i'll take my break whenever i want.

welcome to the rc16 annex. imagine area 51, but 100 times less cool. i guess this is gonna be home for the remainder of the product's life. bigger cubes, more privacy to facebook, better food...i'm pretty happy :]. just gotta remember not to get stuck here for the rest of my life, gotta go for the dream.

happy birthday noona! the french laundry cookbook. sorry it's just a book, but when i heard that eric was getting you that marc jacobs bag, i sorta gave up on the bourgie gift and had to go with heartfelt. :[ next year!

@ lucille's. bbq feast and red velvet cake. so sweet, felt i had to punish myself while my teeth disintegrated with every bite.

she turned 29 and although 30 is around the corner, i realized that life just keeps getting better with age. college was alright, but being broke and binge drinking everynight in some stranger's house isn't really that appealing anymore. hurry up and have a baby so that i can start my soon to be brazilian jiu jitsu family/clan!

so here's the story if you haven't heard already. i'm not a violent person at all so please don't fear me. alex and me decide to go to baden baden and quenton comes with while everyone just "sits" around watching tv. three bottles of soju and some food between the three of us and some good conversation. the night was good, but alex (partially buzzed) decides to provoke my ego and calls me old and that i can't hang. he proposes a drinking challenge. our poison is chosen my a neutral party: jameson irish whiskey. i know i have this one in the bag, whiskey is like juice to me. concerned, i ask alex what time he has to wake up the next day and he reassures me that he is responsible. drinking commences and a fifth of alcohol (between two people) later i emerge victorious! he passes out, then i pass out after my victory parade. i wake up around 3 to go take a pee. the lights are off and i listen intently to make sure that i'm not missing. i'm good. then, for some odd reason i lose my bearings and can't find the door. later i find that i was trying to "slide" the door because i was stuck in japan mode, but turns out i was messing with a wall. i scream for help not being able to get out. five minutes later, in the dark, i feel claustrophobic and decide that the only way out is to break down the door. elbow! punch! punch! wait a minute. holy %$&@! what did i do? door handle turn, lights on. oh crap! i wake up later to find that alex doesn't wake up in time for his quiz and almost misses work too later that day. sorry that i ruined your life, haha. :[



you angry korean... angry angry korean..

thwang85 said...

noooo...i'm nice. harmless almost.