the beginning of my quest to eat everything on this planet. part 1.

me: hey boss, i'm gonna take a short vacation in two weeks.
boss: okay, have fun!

[a week later]
boss: hey, where'd you go?
me: japan.
boss: wtf! haha.

first stop in my journey to try everything tasty that this earth has to offer. tokyo.
the challenge: trying to see all of tokyo in a week.

of course.

beef tataki salad.

japanese eggplants with a miso glaze. frickin good, coming from someone who prefers only eating things that have a pulse.

udon. bomb.

cold soba. you grind your own roasted sesame seeds, restaurant must've been lazy. kristen, i jacked some of your pictures! first dinner in tokyo. risky. setting the bar too high? hell no!

tsukiji fish market at 4 a.m. with 30 minutes of sleep. tuna auctions. the rest of the market was HUGE.

this definitely made it worth it. sushi at 6 in the morning with an ice cold brew to get me through the day!!! probably made with the fish that we saw in the market.

roppongi hills. where i wanna live. the rich area of tokyo + nightlife + amazing food = happy tim.

kaminarimon, a big ass lantern, in front of a flea market, in front of a temple. nice.

legit. sanctity from the heat. a/c is seriously crucial here in the summer.

akihabara. a town for nerds, perverts (there's a bunch of cartoon porn shops) and people looking to buy cheap electronics. i swear if they start playing nba 2k9, i'm gonna burn this place down.

mitama festival. oc fair on crack. imagine a shitload of people, food stands lining both sides (and not that deep fried crap that they have at the fair), half naked drummers dropping a beat, in front a shrine. supposedly where they housed the remains of japanese war criminals. ooohh controversial, but i don't care right now, me rikey food.

done! shower, bedtime beer, sleep. good day.